Friday, October 20, 2017

Marking Scriptures in the Gospel Library App

The other day as I was reading my scriptures and using a few of the colors to do some highlights when I realized that I wasn't fully utilizing the entire pallet of colors.

I the Gospel Library app there are 10 colors.  Each of these colors can be used in the underline, highlight, or text color mode.

I asked extended family what they do and one of my niece's responded with this color code:
  • Red- doctrine
  • Orange- clarifications or explanations of doctrine
  • Yellow- commandments and specific instructions
  • Purple- promised blessings and how to attain them
  • Grey- power phrases
  • Blue- favorites
  • Dark blue- ones with a deeper meaning (I always attach a note with a dark blue) 
  • Pink- examples of Gods love/charity
  • Brown-specific for our day
  • Green - Not used
This "Come, Follow Me" color code seems to be all over Pinterest.  I'm not sure where it came from, but it is based on the 12 colors in a small box of crayons.

Here is also a color code based on the Seminary Doctrinal Mastery

My color code has evolved over the years.   I used to mark my scriptures much more colorfully than I do now.  When I picked up a new copy of the 2013 LDS Scriptures and started transferring some of my highlights I found my self doing less bold and fewer colored highlights.  I pretty much use a red pencil to underline in my paper scriptures with an occasional yellow highlight.

After a bit of thinking, comparing, and pondering I decided to  use the color code below for my electronic marking. 
  • Yellow - General highlights
  • Red - Love, Charity
  • Purple - Priesthood
  • Orange - Atonement of Christ, Resurrection
  • Green - Promised Land, geography
  • Gray - The devil, Satan, darkness
  • Pink - Pride
At this point, I'm not sure what to do with the brown and the two blues.   I'll leave them open and see if I find a use for them.